If you live in a loft then you know how important seating is.  With limited space the furniture needs to be comfortable, multifunctional, and make a statement. Be intentional when selecting the right chair for your living area and you won’t go wrong.  Below are my tips, a few of my favs, and ideas to consider before you make your purchase.

Swivel Chairs

Lofts are known for having walls of windows that capitalize on exterior views, so why shouldn’t your seating? Swivel chairs win the top prize for living room seating.  These chairs are great for being able to  easily move from a conversational setting to taking in the views your loft has to offer.  Swivel chairs come in an array of designs. Many manufacturers even offer a swivel rocker combination.  Stores like Crate and Barrel, Restoration Hardware, and Bassett have a diverse selection.  One of my all time favorite swivel chairs is from Restoration Hardware ( and is a throw back to mid-century modern design.  The Milo Buachman swivel, from RH Modern 1969 Collection, comes in leather and is oh so stylish!

Slip Covers

If Coastal living is your thing, then check out The Hathaway Slip Cover Chair, from Crate and Barrel ( It is affordable and has several fabric options.


My next favorite chair for loft living would be one that meets form and function.  And, you may cringe when I suggest this, but  . . . a recliner would be ideal. Recliners allow the luxury of putting your feet up to provide optimal relaxation when watching a movie or cheering for your favorite sports team! Recliners have ease of being return to a confined position which saves on valuable space when not in use.  Add who doesn’t want to maximize the space in their loft?

Recliners are not your typical grandfather’s Lazyboy anymore (although those do still exist 😬).  Today’s version comes in a multitude of styles from contemporary, to transitional, to those with a vintage feel.   Many updated versions have mechanical operations that allow you to lower and raise the foot rest with ease. These new user friendly recliners also offer a safety feature.  A backup battery in the chair will automatically return you to a sitting position if there is an electrical outage.  Recently a client and I purchased one for her loft from Noel Furniture ( in Houston Texas. This safety feature worked like a charm when a severe thunderstorm blew through Houston, leaving her without electricity.

Newer designs offer narrow widths to accommodate smaller spaces. One beauty to check out is the  DS277, designed by Christian Werner and manufactured by de Sede.  This ultra modern recliner comes in leather and can be purchased at Internum & Design (

Lounge Chairs

Why not make a statement with your seating? A chair that is sculptural in design becomes a piece of free standing art. And with little wall space in an open floor plan why not have a great piece to admire? To find just the right lounge chair start by looking for one with unique material. Roping, pressed cardboard, and intricate wicker are often found in those “one of a kind chairs”. One of my favorites is the Cabaret Easy Arm Chair designed by Kenneth Cobonpue. This chair can be purchased from Switch Modern. ( The use of thick bands of roping around the back and the arms of the chair will bring cool texture to any room.

Wing Back Chairs

Next, consider the design. A chair that out of the ordinary makes a lasting impression. For example, an ultra tall wing back back chair would heighten the drama in any space. The Radar chair, sold by Internum & Design ( is a gorgeous version of a high back wing chair.

Rocking Chairs

The Move Rocking Chair designed by Rossella Pugliatti and manufactured by Giorgetti, would be the starlight of any living room. Gorgeous sculpted wood frames the chair and allows light to pass through. Like most unique items you may have to splurge on a chair like one of these, but consider it a worthy investment.